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She studied Object & Spatial Design at ESAD de Reims in France. After graduating in 2017, She now works as an artist, designer based in Seoul Korea. She focuses on create interactive object and space to please people and to stimulate their curiosity.


2017 École Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Reims, France



2023 Milan Design Week <Noise> Greem X Kirkby design, Milan, Italy


2023 <ART NOW 6: Rise and Shine> Seoul Auction Gangnam Center, Seoul, Korea


2022<ACS Highlights>, Art Chosun Space, Seoul, Korea


2022 <The Review Paradise City>, Art Chosun, Paradise City Hotel, Incheon, Korea

2021 <The review>, Art Chosun x Nobless collection, Seoul, Korea

2021 <These>, Boon The Shop Cheongdam, Seoul, Korea 

2021 <Ambience> Solo Exhibition, Gallery nine, Seoul, Korea

2021 <Mono> Solo Exhibition, 021 Gallery, Daegu, Korea

2021 <The Creek>, 021 Gallery (Sangdong), Daegu, Korea

2020 <The Creek>, NslashA, Seoul, Korea

2019 Unique Design Shanghai, Tank Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2018 Berlin Art Week, Berlin, Germany​

2018 Functional Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany


2023 Define Seoul, Seoul, Korea

2023 Art Busan, Busan, Korea

2022 Art Busan, Busan, Korea

2021 Craft Trend Fair, Seoul, Korea

2021 Daegu Art Fair Daegu, Korea

2021 KIAF Seoul, Seoul, Korea

2021 Art Busan, Solo Booth, Busan, Korea

2019 ART 021, Shanghai, China

2019 Art Busan, Busan, Korea

2018 Artissima Art Fair, Torino, Italy

2018 Seoul Design Festival, Seoul, Korea





2023 Kirkby Design

2021 Bottega Veneta

2020 Total Marble, Le Marble



2023 LCDC, Seoul Korea

2023 Seoul Station, Seoul, Korea

2023 Louis Vuitton, Seoul, Korea

2022 Genesis Hyundai, Seoul, Korea

2020 CJ ENM, Seoul, Korea

2019 Beaker, Cheongdam, Seoul, Korea

2021 Figma, San Francisco, USA


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